"... Before you make a decision, your brain already knows."

A. Bariles

"Welcome to the website of neurofitness coach, Coco Bariles. A different way of training the physical condition and health. Neurofitness and coordination is the relation of sports fitness with neural processes through cognitive tasks."


Special training methods for improving athletic performance through coordinative skills such as balance, reaction time, spatial organization, rhythm and other skills through specialized work models and multi-sensory stimulation.


Special methods for improving athletic performance through training of cognitive skills in decision making processes such as attention, memory, focus, strategic analysis and problem solving patterns.


Neuronal recruitment predisposed to learning. Using reflective models of inductive learning and intrinsic act as facilitator of learning new skills or new modification of previously learned patterns.

Próxima Presentación

9 y 10 de diciembre, Londres

en la Nacional de Tenis Entrenadores Conferencia de la BTCA – Entrenadores de tenis británico Associattion

XII Congreso Nacional de Tenis

Presentación de desarrollo coordinativo con implicación cognitiva en el XII congreso Nacional de tenis organizado por la Federación Española de tenis, en el Centro de Alto rendimiento de Barcelona (Sant Cugat).

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Neuroscience and sport

Scientific basis for “Neurofitness and Motor Coordination”

by Americo Aldo Bariles Reynos

(translated by Christopher Mammano) 

Human history is one of survival. It is defined through unfulfilled yearnings and desires— a search for contentment. We may find survival, an aspect that was integral to our very evolution, easy to discuss and explain, and although this article does not seek to provide a discourse on human evolution, it is worth bearing in mind that if it were not for our survival instinct, we as a species would not exist today. We would have succumbed to the inexorable laws of survival; only the best adapted shall survive. 

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Visual Training

La actividad y el entrenamiento de habilidades o capacidades visuales, permiten al deportista tener un rendimiento optimo y eficaz en el desarrollo de su actividad. Dominio de habilidades como fijación, seguimiento, diferenciación, amplitud y profundidad, convergencia y divergencia, del campo visual,  son algunos de los aspectos que se desarrollan en la metodologia de neurofitness para el deporte.

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Spetial sessions for coaches

Special sessions for coaches

Contact with me to organize courses, workshops or special sessions for coaches and athletes of motor coordination or Neurofitness.